Group Health, Dental and Vision Insurance
Group health

Do you want to keep your employees healthy? Offering health insurance to your employees shows that you care for their wellbeing. With so many options available, it can be hard to find the best plan to suit your employee’s needs. We take that headache away from you to help you find the most suitable plan to suit your company’s requirements and budget. We will have an initial chat and ask you to consider the following:

  • Will you choose one provider or have a choice of the 3 providers – Irish Life Health, Laya Healthcare or Vhi. 
  • Would you like employees to be able to select their own policy or choose one that you feel works best? 
  • Will you offer employees only or will you also cover their family members?
  • Can employees join the scheme from their first date of employment or is there a waiting period before they are entitled to this benefit?
  • Will you include other wellbeing benefits such as dental and vision insurance?
  • Will all employees be offered the same policy or will senior members of staff have access to other plans?

After considering these aspects, we will have a better idea of your requirements and can advise on some options.

There are 3 payment options to consider when arranging a corporate health insurance scheme: 

Company Paid:

There are many advantages to offering a company paid health scheme, mainly employee attraction and retention. This option means you pay for your employees health insurance policy, some companies extend this offer to family members also – however this has become less common in recent years. Depending on your company size and age profile, you may be offered a corporate discount of up to 10%. This is a taxable benefit so employees must pay Benefit-in-Kind tax on the annual premium. 

Partially Company Paid:

This is where you, the employer, agree to pay a fixed amount towards an employee’s policy and they pay the balance. Each employee can select the policy that suits their needs best and insurers will often offer discounts on these schemes too. 

Salary Deduction / Advice Only:

If you are concerned about your employee’s wellbeing but don’t have the budget for a health insurance scheme, we can still help. We will speak to your employees and offer a complimentary health insurance review. Discounts are often offered on these scheme types when they are set up as a salary deducted benefit. 

Each of the insurers has improved their service proposition in recent years and there are many value added benefits available. 

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Group Dental Insurance 

Dental Insurance has become a popular employee benefit in recent years. We partner with DeCare Dental, Ireland’s only specialist dental insurer. It is an affordable employee benefit and one that is greatly appreciated by employees. Corporate dental schemes offer immediate cover for fillings, root canals and crowns. It encourages your team to look after their oral health by fully covering 2 cleanings per policy year. Dental Insurance is a taxable benefit and therefore Benefit in Kind will apply. 

There are 3 Levels of cover available, get in touch today for a no-obligation quote. 

Group Vision Insurance 

DeCare dental also offers Group vision insurance. They state that vision insurance “has been linked to improvements in overall health and wellness, productivity and employee satisfaction. Their ‘EyeCare’ range offers immediate cover for Eye tests and a VDU Exam. There is no pre-assessment before joining, and there are no waiting periods or policy excesses on corporate plans. Vision insurance is subject to Benefit-In-Kind tax. 

There are 3 Levels of cover available, get in touch today for a no-obligation quote. 

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